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"People's car" spells trouble for many people

08 Oct 2015   •   10:41
The Volkswagen automobiles that cheat emissions tests will be recalled next year. The German car-maker made this decision yesterday. 
More than one hundred thousand Romanian owners of Volkswagen cars equipped with diesel engines are affected by this scandal. 
Before taking their vehicles to the auto service, Romanian drivers can learn from the manufacturer's website whether their cars were fitted with the infamous software dubbed emissions "defeat device". 
More than one hundred thousand Romanians are anxiously waiting to see what's to be done with their cars, moreover as Volkswagen hasn't anounced what changes the emissions cheating automobiles will undergo.In most cases, a software update would be enough. 
Auto experts, however, say that such a change might also reduce car performance.
For the cars to remain as powerful, some parts need to be changed as well.
Until their encounter with auto experts, drivers can learn from Volkswagen's website if their cars were fitted with the infamous defeat device.
If the answer is yes, in two months' time you will pay a visit to an auto service, company representatives have announced. In the meantime, the Romanian state will be calculating the money it lost with the higher environmental tax owners of such diesel cars should have paid.