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ANTENA 1 and ANTENA 3 honored with important awards in the APTR Gala

de 15 Noi 2013   •   11:25
ANTENA 1 and ANTENA 3 honored with important awards in the APTR Gala 114
ANTENA 1 and  ANTENA 3 were honored with some of the most important awards by the Romanian TV Professionals Association during the Awards Gala held November 11, 2013.

The Intact Media Group TV channels have been awarded for: “The best investigation show”, “The best anchor”, “The best investigation”, “The best entertainment show” and “The best coverage”. The jury of the TV professionals association have designated Andreea Berecleanu, the Observer’s show anchor on Antenna 1, the best TV news anchor in Romania.

"This month marks 20 years, day by day, hour by hour , around the clock in television. There are 10 years since I've been with Antenna 1 and three and a half years since I’ve started presenting the evening Observer. "

Next Star, the show presented by Dan Negru, was awarded the best entertainment show award. The host of the show spoke before the audience about the most important segment in TV, the Prime – Time and its meaning for the viewers: “ TV stations in Romania have the most dynamic <> Prime–Time in Europe, they broadcast all the greatest international TV formats, that gather millions of viewers before the TV, therefore they are making rating . The reality is that rating represents the measurement whereby people in television realize they are good at their jobs and whether they are appreciated by the large audience or not”. 

The “Jean Louis Calderon” prize was awarded to  Mihai Gâdea for the interviews he conducted behind bars with Maria and Bogdan Popovici, during the “Daily Summary” show. “I am very honored to be awarded this prize. I dedicate this evening’s award to all the journalists in Romania who still have courage. Who do not fear the tanks nor the crawlers. To those who have the courage to stick around even if fires are shot against the terrorists.” 

The award for the best investigation show went to   Oana Stancu for her show “Excess power ”, while Ionuţ Cristache, the author of the investigation of the Gojdu Foundation estate was awarded the second consecutive year in the category investigative coverage.

The Antenna 3 show “In premiere with Carmen Avram”, received the special jury award. Cristian Tamaş and Mihai Buzduga received the award for image, Lenard Zsolt editing.

The APTR contest counted 20 TV station, 10 production houses and 210 TV shows.