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Daily Summary. Elena Udrea, a new 10 million euro bribe. The former PMP head was doing business with the Lebanese wiretapped by SRI and investigated by Bica

06 Feb 2015   •   18:14
Daily Summary. Elena Udrea, a new 10 million euro bribe. The former PMP head was doing business with the Lebanese wiretapped by SRI and investigated by Bica 114
The former head of PMP and her method to negotiate a 15 million euros bribe was presented Thursday on the Daily Summary show on Antena 3. It is an accusation made by a businessman in Calarasi.
The whistleblowers spoke of a DIOCT file that Alina Bica had allegedly arranged at Udrea’s command, because many Lebanese businessmen sought to escape the legal prohibitions and flee the country. They had allegedly damaged the state with 30 million. Among them was also a Lebanese businessman Jihad El-Khalil, investigated for tax evasion worth 30 million euros.
For this, at first, the "two girls of the former president" demanded 15 million euros. Later, they made a discount and dropped the bribe value to 10 million. For this, several meetings were held abroad.
In this case, there appears also Florian Coldea, the acting director of SRI.
Elena Udrea claims that the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) wanted to eliminate from the cereals market a company with foreign shareholding to favor larger traders. According to RISE Project, the company that the former head of PMP alluded to had conducted business both with her and with the former President Traian Basescu.
The consortium owner is a Lebanese citizen, Jihad El Khalil, who is being investigated by DIOCT for money laundering and setting up an organized criminal group.

Udrea claims to have personally learned from Alina Bica, former chief prosecutor of DIOCT, that General Florian Coldea, acting director of SRI, would have exerted pressures to remove from the market a company with foreign ownership. Udrea says SRI acted for the benefit of large grain traders.
Also, according to the source, there are documents showing that SRI monitored the Lebanese’s activity before they were investigated by DIOCT.

No warrant has been issued for the Lebanese, his case file is currently being assessed.

Soon afterwards there came the former presidential adviser Adrian Radulescu who promised the Lebanese to take them out of jail and to facilitate their escape from the country in exchange for 15 million euros.
Because the amount was too high, they would have refused, but Adrian Radulescu would not let go.

The most corrupt regime in the European Union is collapsing before our eyes, Traian Băsescu's regime. There are two scandals hard to imagine that will come out: Basescu's brother taking a "pile of money" from interlopes and the one of former subordinate of Basescu. Elena Udrea is right, her sayings do not make the biggest show, but the silence and cowardice of an individual who was the head of state and did everything he wanted, is.

The number 2 in the mafia network, Elena Udrea, comes out with revelations that she makes. She probably counted on the fact that he will support her .
Elena Udrea is now facing three arrest warrants, for a 9 million bribe taken by her ex-husband Dorin Cocos, another 500,000 euros taken to solve the problems with justice of a person and another bribe taken for the Bute Gala.

Watch the video below to see the citizens’ opinion about Elena Udrea and the situation she is currently in.

Traian Băsescu, charged with aiding and abetting ?
Bianca Nae, head of investigations at Antena 3 claims that Traian Băsescu could be charged with aiding and abetting, since the former president said he protected Elena Udrea for 10 years.
In support of her argument, Nae says the Criminal Code stipulates that a person who has knowledge about someone committing criminal offenses must inform the state authorities.

"It is a self-denunciation," she commented.

In turn, the former dean of the Intelligence Academy, prof. Cristian Troncotă, disagrees with this. Watch in the video below his argumentation,
The information was presented Thursday on the Daily Summary show on Antenna 3.