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Daily Summary: Shocking documents shedding light on Traian Băsescu’s communist past

23 Sep 2015   •   09:54
Daily Summary: Shocking documents shedding light on Traian Băsescu’s communist past 114
Mihai Gâdea presented on the "Daily Summary", several shocking documents shedding light on the past of former president Traian Băsescu.

The first document was addressed to the head of the State Security, colonel general Iulian Vlad and it referred to the conducting of the informants network in Constanţa Harbour. This documents features the name of Traian Băsescu mentioned several times in the context of his direct involvement "in distributing propaganda materials "

Invited on the show, Mugur Ciuvică noticed the indicative U.M.0544, in the corner left of the document belong to the Foreign Intelligence Center.
The documents come in the context of the hallucinatory statements made by Silvian Ionescu, former spy officer of the Foreign Intelligence Directorate (DIE), who was in charge of Basescu during the time the former president was head of Navrom Antwerp.

"To sneer at the death of the Tribune is a blasphemy after you have used him in 2004 and in 2008 to build a majority in Bucharest and in the presidential elections ! Basescu was a snitch, collaborator and party member. (...) He , Basescu, ratted on all the seamen to passed by Antwerp and would buy a gold necklace at a better price than he could have. That was the sorrow! While, he Basescu, would steal from the shipments made tens of thousands of dollars from bunkeraj, shipchadlering and others! All the ship captains know how he would make money taking advantage of the fools! How many fools do we have to still believe that this villain is still necessary for the Romanian people ? I would like that all who agree with the above would understand my previous silence, would forgive me and above all would give "share" so that more and more people should know the truth about this incredible villain ! We really cannot get rid of the communists, as he suggested himself !", Silvian Ionescu writes on Facebook.

Traian Băsescu tried to find cover before the truth about him came out, inventing statements since September 2014, related to the role he played in the former Security, Mihai Gâdea said on Antena 3.
Moreover, about Traian Băsescu’s employment as informant / Security collaborator, spoke also the former President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu, who said he received this information under the signature of the SRI.