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Dorin Cocoş, devastating denunciation for Băsescu, Udrea and Blaga

26 Feb 2015   •   19:57
Dorin Cocoş, devastating denunciation for Băsescu, Udrea and Blaga 114
Dorin Cocos stated in the denunciation made at the DNA, that the bribe money from the Microsoft file would get to Basescu's campaign headquarters. Cocoş said that he remitted 600,000 euros to Vasile Blaga. The denunciation mentioned the name Elena Udrea, who knew of the bribery that Cocoş had received.
The Supreme Court ordered on Monday to replace the measure of remand with house arrest for Dorin Cocos, at the proposal made by the DNA prosecutors, after the ex-husband of Elena Udrea made a denunciation in the "Microsoft" file.

Here is the denunciation made by Dorin Cocoş at DNA:
"I admit that I got from Florică Claudiu and Dinu Pescariu the amount of 5.9 million euro for me and others that I will list below to initially ensure the relationship with Gabriel Sandu and then support the conclusion of a contract between Mr. Florică Claudiu’s company and the Ministry of Communications and Information, in the following way:
In early 2009 there came to me Florică Claudiu and Dinu Pescariu whom I knew for a long time. They told me that there is a possibility that the company of Claudiu Florică which is the representation of Microsoft in Romania, to conclude a contract by tender with the Ministry of Communications and would like to discuss with Mr. Gabriel Sandu to present their offer advantages compared to the offer of the Fujitsu company.

In one of the next days, at my hotel, there was a meeting in 4 meaning the minister, Gheorghe Ştefan, Claudiu Florică and I. Approximately one month after that meeting I met again with Minister Gabriel Sandu and Florică Claudiu, the latter also presented along the number of licenses that were to be bought the financial details of the deal.

Florică Claudiu told me that compared to the number of licenses required in Romania, the contract value is approximately EUR 80 -90 million euros, for which amount Microsoft would grant a discount of 20% of the contract value.

Florică Claudiu proposed to us that the amount of about 16 million resulting from the application of this discount we should divide between us. At that time it was determined that half of the amount, about 8 million respectively to be given to Gabriel Sandu and Gheorghe Ştefan and the other half should be split in three: Claudiu Florică Dinu Pescariu and I. Gabriel Sandu, as Minister of Communications had to arrange the tender so that Claudiu Florică’s company should win.

Gheorghe Ştefan, vice president of PDL at the time, had the role to ensure the support of Gabriel Sandu. My role in the first phase was to ensure the relationship between Claudiu Florică and Dinu Pescariu, on the one hand and Gabriel Sandu and Gheorghe Ştefan, on the other hand, by the influence means available to me and to ensure the Government’s support for the conclusion and performance of this contract.
Subsequently, I had a new meeting with Claudiu Florică in which he told me the estimated value of the contract and the commission which had reached about 18 million euro, telling me that we needed a letter of guarantee and we did not have the money for this one. Claudiu Florică told me that previsouly , in order to get such a letter of guarantee, he collaborated with Dumitru Nicolae, asking me to be in charge of discussing with him. He knew Dumitru Nicolae and we set a meeting together with him, Claudiu Florică, Dinu Pescariu at the sports base of Dinu Pescariu. During this meeting we discussed the letter of guarantee and Dumitru Nicolae told us that he would take care of getting it. In agreement we decided that for this he should get the amount of 800,000 euros from Dinu Pescariu from the part of money that I stood to receive along with Dinu Pescariu and Claudiu Florică.
In September 2009 I had another meeting with Claudiu Florică, he told me that a new payment from our commission of about one million euros had to be paid to Şerban Tănesescu and to Răzvan Radu, president of Unicredit. From the discussions held, I understood that the commission had to be paid to achieve the assignment of the contract to Unicredit.

Over the next period, as far as I know, each of us communicate to Claudiu Florică the people he was supposed to contact to make the payments incumbent and conclude the type of contracts to be entered into in pursuit of these payments. Personally, I told Claudiu Florică and Dinu Pescariu that from the amounts that would be remitted to me I wanted to finance the PDL campaign at the end of 2009 for the presidential elections. In this sense, towards the end of 2009, I asked Dinu Pescariu to make the following payments:

- an advance of € 500,000 to a Chinese company called SHANZEN for the following products: jackets 300,000, 1 million pens, umbrellas 300,000, hats 300,000, scarves 300,000, 1 million lighters.

- the amount of 300.000 euro to another branch in Austria to pay up for some other products related to the elections campaign .

- Towards the end of 2009, early 2010, Dinu Pescariu brought me in cash, in several installments the amount of 1,700,000 euros. I remitted the money to Gabriel Sandu as a loan amount of 500,000 euros, as he told me he needed the money urgently to make payments for the presidential campaign.

- 600,000 euros I deposited in installments at the PDL’s headquarters in Modrogan, specifically I sent it to Mr. Ivaşcu, at the request of Mr. Vasile Blaga Blaga who at that time was the general secretary and the head of the election campaign. I sent money without receiving a receipt to that effect. To my knowledge, out of these 600,000 euros about 400,000 to 450,000 euros were paid to the Romanian branch of the company SHANZEN. I know this because I have personally seen the invoice issued by SHANZEN branch to PDL. With this minimal payment we had to give the appearance of a justification for the elections products in the campaign, which were much more.

- 50.000 euro I gave to Alin Albu, the PDL’s cashier to pay for some buckets with a receipt. chitanţă.

- 30.000 euro were given to Radian Tufă, secretary general of the Ministry of Transports to pay up for the transportation in the country and the storage costs of the containers containing electoral products in the

- 300.000 euro I spent it for personal use.

- 200.000 euro I remitted to the company SHANZEN in Romania.

Regarding the issues related to the discussions had with Dinu Pescariu in 2014 for the drafting of those receipts, it is true that in this way we tried to retroactively justify those problems about receiving the amounts that we could not justify. To increase the credibility of things I made an actual payment of 30,000 euros from my BT account to his BT account. In discussions held with Dinu Pescariu that were recorded , I do make reference to Elena who knew about these loans and my approach, who of course is my ex-wife Elena Udrea. "