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Former presidential candidate ELENA UDREA was arrested for 30 days

12 Feb 2015   •   16:24
Former presidential candidate ELENA UDREA was arrested for 30 days 114
Elena Udrea was arrested for 30 days. Dinu Pescariu’s denouncement sent her behind the bars. in the Microsoft case file charging Udrea of allegedly having taken a 500,000 euros bribe in different installments, with the promise she would help solve a problem with the justice . High Court of Cassation and Justice judge’s decision is not final and has already been challenged by lawyers.

UPDATE 20.45 - The Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant for 30 days on behalf of Elena Udrea. The arrest was ordered in the Microsoft case file . "An arrest warrant was issued for Pescariu’s denunciation" Elena Udrea’s lawyer said.
The HCCJ judges admitted the request filed to replace the judicial control measure, previously ordered by the DNA prosecutors against Udrea in the Microsoft case with preventive detention.

They have also admitted the DNA’s request to arrest Elena Udrea on charges related to having taken bribe from Dinu Pescariu, an accusation filed by the prosecutors after the judicial control had been instated.
Elena Udrea has already appealed the arrest order.

UPDATE 19.20 – A decision by the supreme court is pending on DNA’s request to arrest Elena Udrea. Elena Udrea’s attorney stated, coming out of the courtroom, that the solution was expected to be ordered in about an hour.
After the conclusion of the court hearing, the lawyer said that Udrea made statements only about the Microsoft case file.

Lawyer Marius Sebastian Striblea stated that Elena Udrea will wait to hear the verdict in the courtroom. Striblea added that Elena Udrea is confident in the judiciary and hopes that the magistrates would only take into account the evidence, not the „public opinion”.

"The session ended, the court will give their verdict, we estimate that it will take at least an hour for the release. Udrea has only made an addition to her statement". Asked about the evidence register, he said it is "very weak", "in my opinion these are mere assumptions, there is no evidence," the lawyer said.

UPDATE 16.00 – The court session deciding whether the former minister Elena Udrea is arrested, has already started.

UPDATE 15.45 - Elena Udrea’s supporters have gathered at the Supreme Court to support her, among them also present is Ruxandra Dragomir, PMP member.

UPDATE 14.40 – The hearing has not started yet, although it was scheduled for 14.00h.

Elena Udrea is with her lawyers in the waiting room. At the beginning of the session Udrea will make statements before the judges.
At 21.40, expires the apprehension order issued on behalf of Elena Udrea.

UPDATE 14.04 - Elena Udrea arrived handcuffed and with the police van at the Supreme Court. On the way to the court room where the judges review the request for provisional arrest, former Minister of Transport has again taken her finger to her nose, as she did two days ago in the Parliament.
The session should begin at this time.

Udrea is charged on three counts with influence peddling related to Microsoft case, E-Romania and the 500,000 euros bribe that she allegedly asked from Dinu Pescariu, to intervene and solve his problems with the law. The charge of money laundering is also added.

UPDATE: Elena Udrea will be taken to the High Court, prosecutors have asked for her 31 days arrest. The session starts at 14:00

UPDATE: Elena Udrea spent the night in police custody after being detained for 24 hours, in the Microsoft case. Udrea will be taken today at the High Court with a proposal for arrest of 29 days. She is charged with three counts of influence peddling and one of money laundering .

Udrea was removed from the Directorate in handcuffs and surrounded by gendarmes, after staying there for more than 10 hours. For about 6 hours she studied the case. In the evening she was heard and then retained.. This is only the beginning for Udrea - next up are the hearings in the Bute Gala case.


The National Anticorruption Directorate reports that prosecutors ordered the detention of Elena Udrea and she will be present on Wednesday at the High Court of Cassation and Justice with the proposal for 30 days arrest .
According to a DNA press release sent out Tuesday evening to AGERPRES, Elena Udrea was retained in the Microsoft case for committing the following crimes: influence peddling (facts about the conclusion and performance of the Microsoft licensing framework agreement in 2009, the subsequent contracts and addenda thereto); influence peddling (facts about the performance of the contract e-Romania), influence peddling (facts about claiming and receiving 500,000 euros in bribe ) and money laundering.