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How Băsescu used the "Telepathy". The political influences in the key moments of the case file investigation

14 Oct 2014   •   18:00
How  Băsescu used the  "Telepathy". The political influences in the key moments of the case file investigation 114
The overlapping  of dates when  ICA case file related actions were performed  over the moments  when Dan Voiculescu made ​​statements or political decisions have been shown to be more than coincidental. Going through  them, we can see that the influence of politics on the case is rather obvious.

In 2004 - 2005 there was a complaint and a criminal investigation aimed at the  legality of  the ICA privatization and the  ADS staff, with no relation  to Dan Voiculescu. On June 10, 2005 prosecutors issue  the resolution not to start criminal investigation procedure against the ADS representatives who privatized ICA.

Basically this resolution justifies the legality of ICA privatization.

On 25.02.2007, Dan Voiculescu as president of PC publicly demanded Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu that up to 12.03.2007  he should present before the  Romanian Parliament a reshuffled government with  Liberal Party member alone.

On 27.02.2007, the Curentul daily publishes an  article about alleged illegalities committed by Dan Voiculescu (not someone else) on the privatization of the Institute of Food Chemistry

In 28.02.2007, Dan Voiculescu would not be  intimidated and started proceedings to suspend Traian Basescu.

On 07.03.2007,  in the DNA registry a copy of the newspaper article appeared on 27.02  in Curentul daily is registered  along an anonymous note.

On 18.04.2007, PICCJ under the signature of  prosecutors Marius Iacob and  Sorinela Neagu  a notification  stating "we are enclosing  for  solving a complaint files by applicant  Vasile POPA in order to meet the requirements of the order  from 03.04.2007 of the PICCJ management " is sent.

On 19.04.2007, the Romanian Parliament voted to suspend Basescu's with 322 votes.

In May 2007 Dan Voiculescu publicly expressed his  position on the need for Basescu's suspension and the option to vote in terms of suspension.

On 14.05.2007, the day before the referendum to suspend Traian Basescu , denouncer Vasile Popa is quoted to DNA to testify as an injured party although the criminal  prosecution had not been initiated against any person or in rem.

Prosecutors hear  Vasile Popa (denouncer) as a witness in the form of  a special treatments, in which Dan Voiculescu is mentioned as an accused,  the witness  is sworn in  - a procedure applied only during the prosecution. In the  statement given before the  prosecutors, Vasile Popa said he did not know details about ICA. He was  expressly asked about Dan Voiculescu.

On 27.07.2007, in an interview for the magazine "Politique Internationale" Traian Basescu said:

"How can  five parties that are so different end up having the same point ofv iew? How is it that the National Liberal Party and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania have agreed with opponents from  the Social Democratic Party, and even more, with  ultranationalists from Romania Mare Party?

The explanation is that the leaders of these parties were all afraid they would  have to account before the court. Justice knocked on Ion Iliescu’s  door ,  at the door of the Conservative Party leader Dan Voiculescu accused of money laundering, and that of Zsolt Nagy, member UDMR and Minister of Telecommunications, also suspected of tax evasion. Here's what united them. I'm not saying that the 322 MPs who voted against me are acting against  the law, but they had  to comply with the orders given by their superiors, a few dozens of people who do not yet have a clear  conscience. "

One can easily see how  a year before Dan Voiculescu was officially prosecuted , Traian Basescu knew  the charges that would  be brought against his main  political opponent , who chaired the committee  that had him suspended in 2007.

La 06.08.2007, Dan Voiculescu publicly announced the  withdrawal of  PC from Parliament.

La 06.09.2007, Dan Voiculescu resigned as senator. 

La 06.09.2007, prosecutor  Emilian Eva begins criminal prosecution against several people but not against  Dan Voiculescu. He hears them and tries to determine them to say incriminating facts about Voiculescu. 

On 17.09.2008 the word spreads out that  Dan Voiculescu will run again for senator in the elections of November 2008.

La 24.09.2008 Dan Voiculescu is indicted and is quoted on 01.10.2008 to be informed about the charges being brought against him.

On 14.10.2008, DNA announced the  other defendants attorneys that the  prosecution will present the reasons for the criminal prosecution. So on 14.10.2008 prosecutors completed the prosecution.

La 30.11.2008, Dan Voiculescu is elected senator. 

La 04.12.2008, DNA completed the indictment in the ICA file and notifies the court.