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The Cioloş government has taken the oath: Trust is the most valuable asset in politics

18 Noi 2015   •   19:09
The Cioloş government has taken the oath: Trust is the most valuable asset in politics 114
UPDATE 19.35 – President Klaus Iohannis spoke at the ceremony being held at the Cotroceni Palace.
"Society is changing. The Romanian society has changed. Expectations also change. The today society has got other expectations compared to the society of 10 years ago or of 25 years ago. And if the gap between expectations and reality becomes too deep, we are going into a crisis (...)Many have addressed these past few days the crisis in which we find ourselves, but few have defined it. There were speeches, it was said that we had a crisis government that we have had and we still have a parliamentary crisis, or even a political crisis. And then the legitimate question arises: what kind of crisis do we have ? We have a crisis of citizens confidence in the elected politician. Trust is the most valuable asset in politics, "said Iohannis.
Klaus Iohannis said that this politically independent Government is an opportunity for Romania and the parties will have the opportunity for a year to reconnect with the voter.
"This government is a chance for Romania because while this government will govern, the parties will have the opportunity for a year to reconnect with voters. It would be exceptional if the parties would use this opportunity to define attractive programs to approach the voter again, so that after the elections we should have a political class that is undoubtedly representing the voters", said President Klaus Iohannis, at the end of the investiture ceremony.
" I congratulate you because you received a decisive vote in Parliament, but I congratulate each one of you for courage to take up this portfolio. It's not easy - sooner or later politicians will tell you that, in fact, you do not represent them. It is an error, a fundamental error. This government Dacian Cioloş has absolutely every right, it received the investiture vote in Parliament. You can go straight ahead, " Iohannis said TO THE Cioloş Cabinet members, after they were sworn in at the Cotroceni Palace.

UPDATE 19.00 – The ceremony of taking the investiture oath before assuming office by the Ciolos Government members started Tuesday evening in the Union Hall at Cotroceni Palace.


The ceremony to be held at Cotroceni Palace, in the Union Hall is to be attended by the Constitutional Court President Augustin Zegrean, former interim prime minister Sorin Cîmpeanu and presidential advisors.

The Ministers who were endorsed Tuesday by Parliament's vote, are taking turns to read the oath, during the inauguration ceremony.

The Cioloş government received Tuesday the Parliament confidence vote of the, the result being 389 votes "for", 115 "against" and two votes canceled.
President Klaus Iohannis wrote Tuesday on Facebook that the vote of confidence given by the Parliament to the Cioloş Cabinet is evidence that the parties understand that a government of technocrats is now the best solution for Romania.
Iohannis said that the mission of the new government will not be an easy one, but he is confident that every member of the government team will demonstrate professionalism in the work performed.
"The Ciolos government will have a difficult task and the achievement of the objectives assumed in the government program will not be possible without consistent parliamentary support. I am confident that each team member government will deal responsibly and professionally with the mission entrusted to him. Good luck! " the president wrote.
The assigned Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said after the vote of confidence in Parliament that his government's first meeting will take place on Wednesday. He said that any major project will be presented in Parliament, the preparatory stage, consultation and public debate.

The Ciolos Government is comprised from: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Trade and Relations with the Business Environment - Costin Grigore Borc, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration - Vasile Dâncu, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Lazăr Comănescu, Ministry of Internal Affairs - Petre Tobă, Ministry of National Defense - Mihnea Ioan Motoc, Ministry of Public Finance - Anca Dana Dragu Paliu, Ministry of Justice - Raluca Alexandra Prună, Ministry of European Funds - Aura Carmen Răducu, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - Achim Irimescu, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection for the Elderly - Claudia Ana Moarcăş, Energy Minister - Victor Vlad Grigorescu, Ministry of Transport - Marian Dan Costescu, Ministry of Environment, Water and Pădurilor-Cristiana Paşca Palmer, Ministry of Health - Patriciu Achimaş-Cadariu, Ministry of Education and Research - Adrian Curaj, Ministry of Communications and Information Society - Marius-Raul Bostan, Ministry of Culture - Vlad Alexandrescu, Ministry of Youth and Sport - Elisabeta Lipă, Minister Delegate for Public Consultation and Social Dialogue - Victoria-Violeta Alexandru, Minister for Relations with Romanians Abroad - Dan Stoenescu, Department for Relations with the Parliament - Ciprian Bucu, Head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery - Ioan Dragoş Tudorache.