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Draft decision to ban animal performances at Bucharest 'Globus' Circus & Variety Company

de 30 Ian 2017   •   11:20
Draft decision to ban animal performances at Bucharest 'Globus' Circus & Variety Company 114
Foto: Pixabay

Animal performances might be banned from the shows of Bucharest's 'Globus' Circus & Variety Company, according to a draft decision on the agenda of the Monday meeting of the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality.

According to a proposed amendment to the Council's decision No. 414/2016, "animal training" or "menagerie tours" are no longer included in the circus scope of activity. The responsibility of providing customs clearance documents for the animals of foreign artists performing in Globus shows is struck off the responsibilities of the company's International Relations Department, while the Technical and Administration Department will no longer be tasked with approving the diet lists for animal guest performances, completing procedures for sanitary & veterinary approval, or ensuring the transport of the animals during in-country and foreign trips.

The Bucharest 'Globus' Circus & Variety Company will act as "show and gig producer, providing the creative, directing and scriptwriting activity, choreography, music, costume design, set design, the costumes, scenery, props, with its own artists and contributors, and is authorized to subsequently enter contracts with domestic and foreign partners to run cultural and artistic programs."

Under the draft decision, the animals in the care of the 'Globus' Circus & Variety Company will be relocated as per a protocol between this public institution and the 'Vier Pfoten' Foundation in six months at the most after the decision's coming into effect. Throughout this period the circus management shall see to the welfare of the animals.

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