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PM Ciolos in Ottawa: We must show clear will to solve visa liberalization issue for Romanians

16 Iun 2016   •   15:19
PM Ciolos in Ottawa: We must show clear will to solve visa liberalization issue for Romanians 114

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Wednesday talked with his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau about "bringing the visa waiver for the Romania citizens to the attention of the Ottawa Government at political level, after several years now that the topic has been approached especially from the technical point of view, in various negotiation formats," a release by the Romanian Government sent to AGERPRES informs.

Dacian Ciolos handed in his Canadian counterpart a joint letter co-signed by the Bulgarian premier, Boyko Borissov, which "reaffirms the wish to strengthen partnership and friendship with Canada, reviews the important themes on the common agenda of the next period which the citizens and companies of the three countries could benefit from and ask for the attention of Premier Justin Trudeau on the need of reciprocity in what concerns the visa waiver for Romanians and Bulgarians as it has been specified in the Declaration of the most recent summit European Union-Canada, in 2014."

During the meeting, the two high officials also referred to the "good Romanian-Canadian bilateral relationships also based on the contribution of a community of rd 200,000 Romanian-born Canadians excellently integrated in the adoption country's culture, who also bring an utmost contribution to the Canadian society's progress."

"I came to Canada amid a privileged relationship we have between Romania and Canada and the support Romania gives to the EU-Canada relation. As two friend countries, we've agreed that we must show a clear will to solve the issue of visa liberalization for Romanian citizens. We have the technical elements to which we'll add, as of today, a joint political approach for a decision to be made in the coming period. Prime Minister Trudeau showed openness to work together, fast and efficiently in this respect. Minister Tudorache has had today a first meeting with the Immigration minister and they'll keep in touch to show the success of a collaborative, open policy, as Prime Minister Trudeau and I have concluded," said Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos.

According to the release, Premier Justin Trudeau thanked Romania for the consular support given to Canada in Syria.

The two high officials also addressed topics related to the preparation of the forthcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw.

During his official visit to Canada, Premier Dacian Ciolos has also met head of the Senate George J. Furey and that of the Chamber of Commons Geoff Regan, as well as the General Governor of Canada.

Dragos Tudorache, head of the Prime Minister's Chancellery, has met John McCallum, the Immigration Minister of Canada's Government "to establish the working stages regarding the Visa file and clarify some technical aspects referring to the visa regimes starting from the preliminary results of the conclusions of the Canadian technical committee that visited Romania last week."

"During all talks with the Canadian officials, the need of a political dialogue regarding the issue of the visa liberalization for Romanians was emphasized, complementary to the Romania-Canada-European Commission three-party format. The dialogue on the visa regime liberalization is relevant both from the perspective of the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement and in particular of the preparation of the signing, enforcing and ratification in the following months of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)," the government release adds.

According to information provided by the Romanian Executive, among the EU member states, Romania and Bulgaria are the only ones Canada is still maintaining the visa requirements for. Romania gave up in 2002 the short-stay visa requirement for Canadian citizens, complying with regulations in the EU.

A new EU-Canada summit, to make the transition to a comprehensive political and economic cooperation between EU and Canada, on a higher level, is envisaged for late October 2016. 

Sursă: Agerpres