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A slăbit spectaculos după care a arătat lumii întregi imaginea finală! Toți au fost șocați când blonda a apărut așa

26 Feb 2017   •   13:39
A slăbit spectaculos după care a arătat lumii întregi imaginea finală! Toți au fost șocați când blonda a apărut așa

O femeie care s-a luptat cu o tulburare de alimentație încă de când era copil, a trecut la o etapă nouă, în încercarea de a ajunge să își iubească trupul așa cum este el.

Mai exact, femeia a renunțat la dietele și programele speciale și își face poze în fiecare zi, pe care le încarcă pe Instagram.

Efortul ei este pentru a ajuta persoanele care trec prin experiențe asemănătoare, să ajungă să își iubească mai mult corpul fizic.

Contul ei de Instagram a strâns peste 15.000 de fani.



I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days about what body positivity has given me. While no list could ever do justice the ways in which this movement has changed my life, here is what I cherish most: . The community – the ability to connect, to reach out, to share, to listen, to learn, to grow. I spent so many years feeling voiceless, convinced that no one could ever understand the extent of my shame or relate to my experience. Being here feels like being found, being seen, coming home. . The writing – the ability to articulate, to express, to vent, to reflect, to unpack, to dig deeper, to release. This place has shown me the profound power of words, the role they play in healing, and the effect they have on coming to know ourselves. Words give us a way out of isolation, a direction towards light. . The freedom from fear – fear of my body, fear of lifting up my shirt and being seen, fear of my ED, fear of weight gain, fear of food, fear of fat, fear of judgment, fear of hate, fear of others, fear of myself. It’s not that I don’t still experience fear, but I no longer fear FEELING fear. I no longer let fear hold me back or stop me from moving forward or prevent me from being myself. The beauty of this place is the way it pushes us to catalyze our fears into conquering what makes us most afraid. . The courage – both the courage of others and the courage I’ve been surprised to find in myself. The amount of courage this place inspires is astounding. Without courage, we wouldn’t be able to tackle shame, confront our assumptions, question our biases, challenge our phobias, promote progress, encourage truth-seeking or motivate change. Without courage, this movement wouldn’t exist. . The hope – the hope that I can recover, that I can be happy, that I can love myself, that I can be loved, that I can keep going, that I can climb up, that I can find a way out, that I can change my fucking life no matter how many obstacles I hit or steps back I have to take. The place has shown me that it’s never too late to restart and it’s always possible to begin again. . Body positivity has given me everything. There is no greater gift.

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