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Cannabis and heroin, the most used drugs in Romania

de 29 Mai 2013   •   12:00
Cannabis and heroin, the most used drugs in Romania  114
The most used drug in Romania is cannabis, NAA (NAA) director Sorin Oprea, stated Tuesday during a a debate on the drug use in Romania in 2012.

"Cannabis is the most used drug in Romania, followed by new psychoactive substances, so-called ethnobotanical and then heroin. The ratings have been generated by an ad-hoc poll, they may change, we will have the actual information during 2013, when ANA will have complete the survey, " Sorin Oprea said, according Agerpres.

He noted that, compared to 2011, last year, a stabilization in terms of drugs and substances consumed was registered. 

"There are some changes that can be identified namely that the consumption of new psychoactive substances drops and the heroin consumption is increasing. The cannabis is a rather constant component with a very slight increase in 2012. This information was collected from the evaluation of last year’s number of emergencies and admissions to treatment ( of the drug users, editor’s note)", ANA chief said.

According to ANA’s review, like in most European countries, cannabis continues to be the most consumed traditional drug in Romania, while the interest of Romanian drug users in cocaine remains rather low.