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09 Ian 2016   •   17:38 statistics: 8,3 million Romanians have a Facebook account

The number of Facebook accounts held by users in Romania reached, currently 8.3 million, increasing by 1.22% compared to the previous estimate made in November last year, according to data quantified by, the service monitoring Romanian pages created on the social network, Agerpres reports.
Of all users, 93.57% (7.76 million people) have set their city of residence, and most Facebook account holders come from Bucharest, 2.10 million (27.09% of total) , followed by Timisoara (320,000 people, 4.12 %%), Cluj-Napoca (250 040 persons, 3.22%) and Iasi (250,000 people, 3.22%).

In contrast, with the lowest number of Facebook users, are the towns Beius and Aiud (by 11,000 people, or 0.14% of total) and Campulung Moldovenesc (10,250 persons, 0.13% of total).

According to the Facebrands statistics persons aged 18-24 years (23.1% of the total) are prevailing at accessing Facebook with high frequency section. The following position belong to people aged between 35 and 44 years (20.4%) and 45-54 years, respectively, 13 and 17 years (by 10.3% of the total).

The ratio of people using the Facebook social network is clearly in favor of men (with 61.32% of accounts). Women use Facebook in the proportion of 38.68%, while in terms of marital status, married people are in first place (62.86%), followed by single people, with 25.44% of the total.
Regarding the ranking of the most visited pages on Facebook owned by brands and VIPs in Romania, the first place goes for the first time to Oreo, 38.5 million fans. The following places belong to the Zara brand (19.9 million fans) and Inna, with 12.07 million fans. is the site monitoring the Facebook pages created by individuals and institutions (companies, NGOs etc) and shows the increasing number of fans by days and weeks, together with other pages in the same category.


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