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Sergiu Nicolaescu passed away. The director was 82 years old. His death was due to cardiac and pulmonary complications

03 Ian 2013   •   11:41
Sergiu Nicolaescu passed away. The director was 82 years old. His  death was due to cardiac and pulmonary complications 114
Sergiu Nicolaescu, aged 82 years, died Thursday morning following severe cardiac and pulmonary complications, which failed to  respond to the  intensive treatment applied, the Elias Hospital announced, the hospital where the director had been admitted  on December 26, 2012 and had been  operated on for peritonitis.

"Over  the past 48 hours, Mr. Sergiu Nicolaescu’s condition worsen, there occurred severe cardiac and pulmonary complications which failed to respond to the  intensive treatment applied leading to his  death today, 01.03.2013, 8.20 pm," the press release sent by  Elias Hospital reads, Mediafax informs.

Director Sergiu Nicolaescu, aged 82, was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of  Elias Hospital on December 26 and underwent surgery  for peritonitis 2days later.

    The director was operated on by a team of surgeons  belonging to  the  Elias Hospital,  by laparoscope.

According to the Hospital’s  representatives , the  peritonitis   had its starting point in the appendicular, it was discovered during the operation  and  solved  laparoscopically.

One week before the  admission, Nicolaescu  had fell while heading to his garage and  suffered a chest injury, having  cracked a few ribs.

On December 12, 2012, PSD Senator Nicolaescu thanked his colleagues in the Senate for the time spent together, adding that he did not run for a new term  since he had few years to live  which he had wished to spend  doing  his profession.

"I want to thank you for these  four wonderful years that we spent together, where  you have showed me respect and consideration, and feelings that I owe right   back at  you. I still have a few years to live and  I wanted to finish  them in  my profession, this is the reason why I did not take part in the elections. I would like to bid you a sincere Farewell ”, Nicolaescu was speaking  from the Senate’s Tribune at the last meeting of the current legislative body, being applauded by the  audience.

Sergiu Nicolaescu's filmography - director, film actor, screenwriter and film producer - includes over 50 feature films, of which the best known are "When I condemned all to death" (1971), "With clean hands' (1972), "Condemnation" (1976), "Last night of love", "Nea Marin the  billionaire" (1979), "Ciuleandra" (1985), "Triangle of Death" (1999), "Orient Express" (2004), "the Survivor "(2008).


If the movie "Orient Express" was the most viewed Romanian premiere of 2004, perhaps the most impressive production  signed by Sergiu Nicoalescu was "Michael the Brave" (1979), starring  Amza Pellea – a  creative landmark in the history of the Romanian film.

His most recent films include "The Last Corrupt", released earlier this year and which  is a continuation of the feature film "Poker" (2010).

Sergiu Nicolaescu was first elected  Member of Parliament in 1990,  on the National Salvation Front  lists and during the current legislative  he ended his  fifth term in Parliament. The only term that he  was not  an MP was the one of  2004-2008. Nicolaescu was a member of the Senate Culture Committees in each legislature and chaired the culture committee in the current legislature. He counted also among those who took part in the Revolution of 1989.