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Klaus Iohannis, the quiet candidate. When he speaks, he commits blunder after blunder

17 Oct 2014   •   17:26
Klaus Iohannis, the quiet candidate. When he speaks, he commits blunder after blunder  114
Klaus Iohannis became known as the quite candidate. But every time he opens his mouth, he makes blunder after blunder. The latest he committed was two days ago, when asked how come teachers who work honestly cannot afford to buy six properties to which Iohannis replied: bad luck!

In an interview with an online publication, asked with what money he bought the 6 houses in Sibiu, Klaus Iohannis set aside the babble and replied with ... guts

KLAUS IOHANNIS, the ACL candidate
How did you get in their possession?

By purchasing them.

With what money?

My own money.

Made where Mr. Iohannis?

Made out of honest work.

You were a teacher.

Yes, I was a teacher too.

Sometimes a teacher’s salary is barely enough to make ends meet for those who work in education.

Yes, it is a big problem

And then can you understand the people working as teachers, educators and how they are wondering whatever I’ve done wrong because I do not own 6 houses.

Bad luck.

They are having a bad luck?

No I am having bad luck.

And what do they have?

Klaus Iohannis does not stop here with his arrogance. During the elections campaign he moved into a property that is worth the prices of his six houses in Sibiu, in the most exclusive district of the capital: Primăverii. The apartment was provided by a close friend at a modest rent which the ACL candidate refused to reveal.

Tell us the price.

But I'm not going to tell you the price, why would I tell you?

It is an absolutely private matter.

Early in the campaign, Klaus Iohannis was not able to justify his wealth. He got tangled up in explanations.

Are you a rich man?

No, but I am not poor either. I started with my wife from a 4 rooms apartment that we bought with the gift money from the wedding .With that money and the money earned from tutoring and salaries we made our next purchase, we rented it, we saved the money, we bought another one.

We have no children. Others have invested in children's education, we have invested in properties.

This is not the only scandal Iohannis is involved in. The mayor of Sibiu is also accused of incompatibility, because he held simultaneously the office of mayors and that of member in the general meeting of shareholders of a state company. If found guilty, Iohannis leaves the elections race and he will not be allowed to hold any public office for three years.