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#cycletheamericas - A Romanian will cross the Americas by bike. He will travel 24,000 kilometers

de 29 Iul 2015   •   18:11
#cycletheamericas - A Romanian will cross the Americas by bike. He will travel 24,000 kilometers 114
The expedition #cycletheamericas is a solo project, a national first to cross by bike the two Americas from North to South. Radu Păltineanu aims to be the only Romanian to ride across the two Americas from the farthest North point of the Pan-American highway , from Deadhorse near Prudhoe to the farthest South point of South America, Ushuaia, in Argentina.

Purpose of the expedition: to cross from North to South the two Americas, from near Prudhoe bay in Alaska, USA to Ushuaia, Argentina.
Route: Deadhorse, Alaska - Ushuaia, Argentina
Distance: 24.000 km
Departure: 1 August 2015 (28 July 2015 , 10:00 hours from Bucharest)
The departure point: Deadhorse, Alaska
The arrival point: Ushuaia, Argentina
Other challenges:
- Two spectacular climbings of the highest volcanic peaks of North America or of the South, the volcanic peaks of Orizaba (5638 m) and Oyos del Salado (6893 m)
- Crossing the United States on the off-road way "The Great Divide" (4418 km)

"North America and South America are home to some of the wildest areas of the world, landscapes of a rare beauty. Most of the areas I will be riding are unpopulated regions. So, apart from the performance of becoming the first Romanian who succeeds in crossing the Americas entirely by bicycle, one of the aims of this project is to bring to the attention of the Romanian public the natural beauties of the Americas and the cultural diversity of the countries I will go through.

By the power of personal example, endurance and determination in succeeding with this project I am also trying to promote cycling and cyclo tourism in Romania. Also through this project I wish to sensitize also the Romanian local authorities for the construction of tracks suitable for cyclists in the major cities of Romania
", Radu Paltineanu writes on his persona blog.

Antena 1 and Antena 3, the official media partners of the expedition, will broadcast news about the preparation of the expedition , the expedition itself and whenever milestones are reached and the end of the route.

The route of the expedition can be followed on this interactive map.

About Radu
Romanian-Canadian climber, cyclotourist and blogger, Radu is above all passionate for adventure and travel. If in 2013 he crossed with a larger team much of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe on bicycle (over 2,400 km) to warn against the proposed mining project in Rosia Montana, the following year he decided to cross over Europe and central Asia hitchhiking.
Following the conclusion of the expedition of over 14,000 km traveled hitchhiking from Paris to Teheran in Iran, Radu also organizes an ascent of Damavand peak (5671 m), the highest volcanic peak of Asia, starting in this way the "7 Volcanic peaks " projects. In 2015, Radu has proposed a more ambitious project, namely to be the first Romanian to cross on bike the Americas, from Alaska to Argentina.
In brief, that means riding 24,000 km, 14 countries and a sea of desolation. Moreover, during the same expedition Radu is planning two spectacular mountain climbing on the highest volcanic peaks of North America, peak Orizaba (5638 m) and the highest volcanic peak of South America, peak Oyos del Salado (6893 m).